Adrienne Bazir, also known as insertdisc5 on the interwebs, is a 2D animator and cartoonist.

After getting a BFA in Traditional Animation in Chicago, USA, she's currently working at Brown Bag Films in Toronto, Canada as a 2D Animator.

She makes comics and games that make you feel things. If it makes you laugh she wins, if it makes you cry she double wins, if it makes you go "huh………" in contemplation, she smiles softly, goes home, and allows herself some expensive takeout for dinner.

Highly inspired by video games, her stories are usually about monsters, relationships, and agency, and she likes to play with metatext, foreshadowing, and your expectations.   

She also likes to participate in some pretty cool collaborative projects, such as Animate-A-Grump and the Fat Mermaids Zine.

She can be contacted at